1966 chevrolet corvette

Price: $79,000

This original big block car has been fully restored. It has a nice frame and the paint is show quality, very detailed under-carriage and a 496 stroker motor. The interior in the car is brand new from Al Knock interiors. Also comes with 2 hoods the original 66 big block hood and a 67 stinger hood both painted and fitted to the car! and the engine has a fatory 67 tri-power intake carbs and air cleaner of of a 435hp rectangular port motor. Fresh off the dyno this internally ballanced motor with a scat rotator and a hydrolic isky roller cam, and a set of dated 1969 gm 074 aluminum heads this ebgine produced 575 hp with over 600ft pounds of torque! pleanty of very reliable power in this car. with the 3.36 gear ratio this car can do it all,from street light to street light, or cruse down the highway at 75 mph,also a nice sony cd player with a amp and subwoofer box and a speaker system through out the car! over all an extreamly nice fully restored car ready to go.